GA4 launches AMP support

GA4 launches AMP support

GA4 launches AMP support

Google has rolled out AMP support in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for all publishers.

If you’re still using AMP you will now be able to continue measuring your performance in the same way as Universal Analytics (UA) when the forced GA4 migration deadline arrives on Saturday.

Why we care. Bringing this integration to GA4 allows for parity with Universal Analytics, helping publishers to make a seamless transition when UA is permanently retired this weekend.

What has Google said? Google announced that it had rolled out AMP support in GA4 wide to publishers with less than four days to go until the sunset of Universal Analytics. It said in a statement:

  • “The GA4 migration deadline is just days away, but that hasn’t meant a slowdown of new updates for the platform.”
  • “We announced support for AMP in GA4, rolling out wide to publishers today.”
  • “AMP has helped publishers of all sizes achieve great user experiences for their readers and this integration is critical for publishers who choose to use AMP to help continue to track their metrics within GA4.”

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Why now? Failure to do so would have caused huge problems for publishers using AMP, as they would no longer have been able to track their performance when GA4 permanently replaces UA this weekend.

Deep dive: For more information about making the switch to GA4, read Google’s How to migrate to Google Analytics 4 guide. You can also read Google’s Measurement of Accelerated Mobile Pages guide for more detailed instructions on how to implement AMP integration on GA4.

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