Elon Musk names new Twitter CEO: Linda Yaccarino

Elon Musk names new Twitter CEO: Linda Yaccarino

Elon Musk names new Twitter CEO: Linda Yaccarino

Elon Musk today announced that Linda Yaccarino will be the next Twitter CEO.

The announcement. Musk tweeted the news, adding that Yaccarino would “focus primarily on business operations.” Musk will focus on product design and new technology. Musk added:

  • “Looking forward to working with Linda to transform this platform into X, the everything app.”

Twitter technically is no longer a company. It is officially known as X Corp. But we don’t yet know exactly what the X platform will be.

Why we care. Twitter under Musk has been a trainwreck at times. It will be worth watching whether having a new Twitter CEO may help repair some of the damage done and lure back advertisers, marketers and brands.

About Yaccarino. Most recently, Yaccarino was chairman of global advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal Media. Yaccarino had been at NBC for more than 11 years in various roles.

Watch Yaccarino interview Musk. Yaccarino recently interviewed Musk about the future of marketing on Twitter at MMA’s POSSIBLE Miami Event 2023.

Gaining Twitter followers. When Yaccarino last tweeted on May 10, she had 7,187 Twitter followers, as Dan Barker tweeted. After Musk announced Yaccarino as CEO, she started gaining hundreds of followers per minute. As of publishing, she now has more than 150,000 followers.

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