Google PMax adds generative AI to create text assets, images

Google PMax adds generative AI to create text assets, images

Google PMax adds generative AI to create text assets, images

The most automated type of Google Ads campaign is getting even more automated.

Generative AI is making its way to Performance Max (PMax) campaigns – in the form of both text asset creation and AI image generation. New tools are going to make setup much easier than in the past process.

  • Advertisers using PMax see 18% more conversions on average at a “similar” cost per action, according to Google.

How it works. Advertisers can input their website into Google AI, then answer a handful of questions. Google AI will then start “learning about your brand.”

Sample questions from the visuals include:

  • Where will people go when they click your ad?
  • What products or services are you advertising?
  • What makes your products or services unique?
  • What is your brand personality?

PMax campaigns will then be populated with assets, including text and other assets.

Generative AI Image creation arrives in Google Ads. With this implementation, Google AI in PMax campaigns advertisers can generate images while setting up campaigns directly within the web interface.

After hitting the Generate Images button, you’ll see a handful of images that have been created based on the information you provided. You can generate more ideas with additional descriptions.

The demo provided the first set of pictures for a cat food company showing happy, lazy and curious cats. In contrast, a secondary prompt showed images that contain “ingredients used for pet food, like fish, chicken, raw meat and vegetables on a stylish slab-style play in studio lighting”:

There won’t be an easy way for consumers to distinguish between real versus AI-generated images. However, if a user is savvy enough to check the metadata, they can see what images were created with the technology, Google said.

New PMax Goals. Other additions to Performance Max campaigns include an enhancement to the new customer acquisition goal and a re-engagement goal for Performance Max campaigns. 

The new customer acquisition goals enhancements are in beta and will target more than new customers not in first-party lists. The upgrades will allow advertisers to optimize for new customers predicted to deliver high lifetime value

The re-engagement goal beta is coming later this year and will help advertisers connect with their most valuable, existing customers to increase retention.

Why we care. Performance Max campaigns can be daunting to set up with all the required content and imagery. The ability to get assistance and even new creative is a nifty feature that is sure to save many advertisers time and money. 

The generative AI creation of assets directly within the platform looks slick, simple and (most importantly) customizable. Also, any new targeting goals in Performance Max should be gladly welcomed by advertisers as they can help to “steer” the machine in a direction instead of placing it on autopilot.

We expected this. We first reported on this new capability last month in Generative AI coming soon to Google Ads.

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