Meta rolls out multiple updates to enhance Facebook video experience

Meta rolls out multiple updates to enhance Facebook video experience

Meta rolls out multiple updates to enhance Facebook video experience

Meta has started rolling out a series of updates to enhance the Facebook video experience.

The social networking platform has:

  • Introduced new editing tools.
  • Redesigned video Explore.
  • Simplified its video tab.
  • Increased engagement opportunities.

Why we care. Facebook has transformed into a one-stop shop where people can enjoy the best of both Instagram and Facebook Reels. This is great news for marketers advertising their campaigns on Instagram as they now have access to the Facebook audience, even if they don’t have an active profile, and so their potential reach is greater than ever before. In addition, the simplified redesign means that Facebook users will find it easier than ever to discover new content, providing another opportunity for brands to reach new potential customers.

New video editing capabilities. Meta is rolling out Reels editing tools to Feed videos to help you create more dynamic content. The new tools include:

  • Seamless editing: If you use the Meta Business Suite, you can access audio, music and text editing features already available on Reels. These new tools will help you layer and time creative elements more easily, potentially resulting in a higher-quality end product.
  • More clip editing tools: You will now have the option to speed up, reverse or replace clips, offering more opportunities to get creative with your content.
  • Enhanced audio: You can now experiment more with sound, including adding music and audio clips, recording voiceovers and reducing unwanted noise
  • HDR access: You can now upload HDR videos from your phones to Reels. The clips uploaded can also now be played back in full HDR, resulting in a high-quality end product.

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Simpler navigation. Facebook is aiming to make its video content as easy to discover as possible and so has started rolling out a number of changes, including design modifications and new features:

  • One-stop shop video tab: People can now access all videos from Reels to Live content to long-form on the video tab, previously known as Facebook Watch.
  • Highlighted recommended reels: Facebook users will be served a new horizontal reels section in the Video tab, highlighting recommended reels.
  • New layout: Making navigation even simpler, the Video tab will soon appear in the shortcut bar (although the tabs in the shortcut bar update in accordance with what features people use most).

Improved discovery and user experience. Facebook is also making it easier than ever for its users to discover videos about popular topics and trends by redesigning video Explore. The platform works by serving content it thinks the user will enjoy and find interesting by using a combination of human curation and machine learning.

More engagement opportunities. Not only will Instagram Reels be served on Facebook, helping brands to reach more people than ever before, people now have the opportunity to write comments on these clips without having to switch between the apps.

What has Meta said? Meta said via a statement published in the Facebook Newsroom:

  • "We’ve started to roll out updates that will bring more Reels editing tools to Feed, making it even easier to create dynamic videos on Facebook. Whether posting a video for friends and family to see, or trying to reach people who share similar interests, our video editing tools will make it possible for people to express themselves in new ways via Reels or long-form videos."
  • "Video is core to Facebook – short videos could be posted to Feed as early as 2007. Nowadays, our unique cross-section of Reels, long-form and Live content brings people to Facebook to watch videos about the things they like, new stuff they’d want to know about, and to engage with real people with similar interests."
  • "We continue to invest heavily in video, so today we’re sharing the latest ways we’re making it possible for people to create, explore, and engage with video on Facebook."
  • "But this is just the beginning. We’ll continue developing more tools for creators so they can express themselves, build an audience and earn money, along with the discovery and personalization features that give you more control over your experience."

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