Microsoft Ads announces major policy updates that start July 1

Microsoft Ads announces major policy updates that start July 1

Microsoft Ads announces major policy updates that start July 1

Microsoft is urging marketers to review and adjust their ad campaigns as it prepares to roll out a major policy update.

Advertisers can expect big changes to their Microsoft Advertising accounts in the coming months, as new policies and resources start being introduced from July 1.

Why we care: Advertisers will potentially need to take action depending on how their brands are impacted by the updates. Microsoft says the changes are set to help marketers reach greater audiences and offer more security for consumers to align with upcoming regulatory changes.

The update comes just two weeks after Microsoft announced advertisers might see a small increase in conversions when it rolls out its new Cross-Device attribution model later this month.

What are the new rules? Microsoft has confirmed additional policy updates which will have a significant impact on marketers working in sectors such as health and gambling: The new policy updates are as follows:

  • Vitamin and supplement ads are given the green light – The Microsoft Audience Network will now permit vitamin and supplement ads. However, claims must be accurate and truthful. Marketers cannot say that their product “cleanses the liver,” for example. Under the new policy, landing pages must be product pages as opposed to advertorials or video content.
  • Gambling ads are now approved – Marketers in the gambling and betting sectors can now place ads on the Microsoft Audience Network. However, advertisers must be licensed in the market they wish to reach and have gone through the gambling enablement process to obtain approval.
  • Gambling ads in Belgium are banned – Microsoft will cooperate with Belgium authorities when it rolls out a ban on gambling advertising. The tech giant has announced it will begin enforcing rules to ensure local laws are adhered to from July 1 and is telling marketers to ensure that they no longer target this market.
  • Restrictions on gambling ads in Ireland – Microsoft is introducing a watershed on gambling ads in Ireland and is urging marketers to update any relevant ad campaigns that may be impacted. However, an exact date has not yet been confirmed.
  • Ban on clinical trial ads – From Aug. 1, Microsoft will be rolling out a global ban on ads promoting clinical trials or experimental treatments across all ad types.

How are Microsoft Ads accounts changing? Microsoft has given some insight into how these updates will impact Microsoft Ads accounts:

  • Ad and ad component disapprovals – including keywords, ad copy and landing pages.
  • Store or product disapprovals.
  • A three-strike violation policy – this policy already existed but the tech giant has explained its rules in more detail.
  • Immediate suspension penalty for egregious violations – this policy already existed but Microsoft has provided more clarity as to how these violations are classified.

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What has Microsoft said? The company said the changes are meant to provide greater visibility for advertisers and users.

  • “We will be updating some of our advertising policies with a focus on helping you reach greater audiences for some products and services. Some updates will help further protect those who use our products and services, and some updates will align with upcoming regulatory changes. We are also making updates to our policy pages to provide better alignment on some policy areas by moving content to different pages or adding examples and clarity where needed.”

Deeper dive: For more information on Microsoft’s policy changes, read its Advertising Policy here.

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