Microsoft’s new way to monetize AI chat

Microsoft’s new way to monetize AI chat

Microsoft’s new way to monetize AI chat

Today, Microsoft announced a new ad solution to enable online services, apps, and publishers to monetize chat and create more engaging experiences for AI chat users.

The Ads for Chat API. The new Bing was the first significant, free, advertising-funded consumer service to incorporate advanced large language models in chat on an unparalleled scale.

The solution has been designed to grant publishers, apps, and online services the ability to customize their experiences with ads and generate greater economic value from their chat investments. The API enables publishers, apps, and online services to select the ad formats they deem optimal for their audience in a way that complements their native experience.

The Ads for Chat API can serve ads on chat platforms from Microsoft or other companies.

Looking Forward. Microsoft says feedback from partners is invaluable as they continue to evolve its offerings. It is acknowledged that each publisher, app, and online service has unique requirements based on factors such as the primary devices their audiences use or how users engage with content. The company is also engaging with advertisers to gather their input and contribute to shaping the future of this experience.

Why we care. The integration of AI-powered chat experiences presents a unique opportunity for advertises to reach and engage with audiences in a more organic, personalized, and contextually relevant manner.

By leveraging these advanced chat systems, advertisers can create meaningful connections with users, enhance brand perception, and ultimately drive better ROI. Furthermore, the flexibility offered by APIs allows for customized ad formats, enabling advertisers to optimize their campaigns based on their target audience and native experience, ensuring that advertising efforts remain effective and non-intrusive.

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