New Google Analytics custom channel groups

New Google Analytics custom channel groups

New Google Analytics custom channel groups

Google Analytics has introduced a new feature that allows users to build personalized channel groups, either by starting from scratch or by utilizing Google’s default channel group as a foundation. This enables you to tailor your channels to better suit your needs.

This feature offers the flexibility to modify channel names according to your company’s preferences, fine-tune the criteria for each channel, and add or delete channels to achieve broader or more targeted perspectives on your channel data.

About custom channel groups. A channel group comprises multiple channels, acting as rule-based classifications for your website’s traffic sources. Analytics provides a default channel group with pre-established channels.

Custom channel groups can be utilized in reports that already support default channel groups as a primary dimension, such as Acquisition reports. They can be applied as either primary or secondary dimensions.

Additionally, custom channel groups serve as dimensions in custom reports, explorations, and when constructing conditions for audience segments.

Dig deeper. To learn more about custom channel groups, including opening and creating them, you can review the Google help doc here.

Why we care. Among the many benefits of custom channel groups is enhanced data analysis. Custom channel groups allow advertisers to segment and analyze their website traffic data more effectively, enabling them to identify trends and patterns in user behavior. This can lead to more informed decisions when it comes to targeting, budget allocation, and campaign adjustments.

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