[Next week] All-new training on ChatGPT, GA4, and more

[Next week] All-new training on ChatGPT, GA4, and more

[Next week] All-new training on ChatGPT, GA4, and more

Don’t miss your chance to participate in tactic-rich, expert-led training on your search marketing specialty: Register now for your choice of live, two-day SMX Master Class for just $299 each – happening online next Wednesday and Thursday, March 1-2!

(Need to convince your boss to let you attend? These handy talking points and templated letter can help!)

Breaking news! Many of our instructors are making last-minute additions to their curriculum that tackle ChatGPT and the expanding role of AI in marketing! Here’s a sneak peek:

Bruce Clay’s Advanced SEO class will now examine how ChatGPT can speed up your content writing process – provided you leverage it appropriately (hint: human fact-checking, wordsmithing, and so on).

Eric Enge’s Technical SEO class will now also explore the impact of conversational chat systems like ChatGPT:

  • Who are the big players?
  • What role will it play in content creation?
  • The limitations of ChatGPT
  • How ChatGPT will impact search in the long term

Brad Geddes’ Advanced Google Ads class will include examples and assistance for using OpenAI (and ChatGPT specifically) to:

  • Research ad groups
  • Find keywords for specific ad groups
  • Create ad headlines
  • Create calls to action and benefit statements for ads
  • Refine your query and the results

Michael Brenner’s SEO-friendly content marketing class will now examine how you can (and when you shouldn’t) leverage AI in your creative endeavors:

  • Why AI won’t kill SEO or take your job
  • The impact of AI on Search
  • How to use AI for content generation
  • Reasons to avoid using AI content

And there’s more to come! Don’t be left behind. Explore the hottest topics in search alongside industry legends who are ready to answer your burning questions – all from the comfort of your own computer. Secure your spot at one of these exclusive SMX Master Classes for just $299 and join us online next week!

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