The omnichannel magic of connected TV by MNTN

The omnichannel magic of connected TV by MNTN

The omnichannel magic of connected TV by MNTN

’Cause we are living in an omnichannel world

When was the last time you used fewer than three internet-connected devices in a day? Less than two? One? We’re guessing it’s been a long time (if ever).

In today’s world, internet-connected devices play an integral, if not central, part of most consumers’ day. With everything from smart TVs and smartphones to tablets easily accessible and on hand, they often hop from screen to screen, splitting their attention across all these devices. And they’re usually also researching, shopping and engaging with brands as they go.

So as an advertiser, your strategy should look a lot like that path. With an omnichannel approach to advertising, brands can charm consumers no matter what device they’re looking at, or how far down the consideration funnel they are.

And yes, to achieve a fully comprehensive omnichannel strategy, brands absolutely need to add Connected TV into their marketing mix.

CTV as an integral part of your omnichannel strategy

No need to panic—connected TV has become more advertiser-friendly than ever. With more ad-supported streaming available, consumers have been flocking to streaming with ads to take advantage of the lower price point. In fact, this year ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) platforms are expected to see more than triple the growth in U.S. viewers than subscription streaming platforms. That means more opportunities for advertisers to reach their ideal customers on Connected TV.

And with all the advancements that have been made in the CTV ad tech space, it’s easier than ever for brands to use connected TV just like they do other ad channels. When linear was the only TV ad channel in play, it was much harder to shift gears with a TV campaign; now, brands can quickly deploy or change out their ads as needed. And with CTV’s robust audience targeting capabilities, advertisers can serve ads to specific viewers and get real-time, customizable feedback on performance and the success of their campaigns.

Leveraging your digital marketing skill set for CTV

Still nervous about slotting CTV into your ad mix? Here’s a secret: if you’re already running campaigns on paid search and social, you’re probably already an expert.

Connected TV perfectly aligns with the core principles and methodologies of performance marketing and is an additive solution for advertisers already familiar with those channels. In fact, you can use the same skills you’ve developed while running campaigns on other platforms to get started on connected TV. For instance: know how to use targeted keywords from your time running paid search campaigns? Great! You already know how to use targeted keywords in an audience segmentation tool to identify and convert valuable prospects for your new CTV campaign.

Setting up a CTV campaign follows the same core principles as any other digital campaign, too. You start by defining your goal and budget, selecting your audience segments, uploading any creative assets—and then, before you know it, you’re launching your campaign. Once it’s launched, you can monitor campaign performance in real-time, too, and optimize as needed—again, just like you already do when managing other performance channels.

CTV’s halo effect changes the game

Ready for the cherry on top? Once connected TV is folded into your omnichannel ad mix, you can take advantage of one of its biggest benefits: its “halo” effect on other channels. When integrated into a marketing strategy, connected TV’s precise targeting capabilities, comprehensive measurement tools, and non-skippable ads mean you’re going to see improved outcomes across all your channels—not just CTV.

You’re especially likely to see this impact in your paid search and social campaigns. When looking at MNTN first-party data, we found that after 30 days, connected TV’s halo effect created stronger conversion rates for paid social (4%) and paid search (2%). And after 90 days, that effect became even more significant—driving 9% stronger conversion rates for paid social and a whopping 22% (!) stronger conversion rates for paid search.

Ultimately, in a world where your consumers are reachable on every device imaginable, every day you don’t follow their lead to those devices is an opportunity wasted (and an opportunity for your competition to get there first). And the sooner you start, the sooner your Connected TV campaigns can make your other channels shine, too.

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