Yoast SEO version 20 with a new interface for settings

Yoast SEO version 20 with a new interface for settings

Yoast SEO version 20 with a new interface for settings

Yoast SEO is rolling out version 20.0 of its popular SEO WordPress plugin today. The big change is a new user interface for the settings section of Yoast SEO. This release is available today for those who use Yoast SEO for their WordPress site.

What is new. Here is the list of changes in the Yoast SEO settings interface:

  • A sleek and modern interface that is easier, more intuitive, and fun to use, the company said.
  • Helpful information and guidance on best practices – for every feature, toggle, and setting. Get actionable SEO recommendations to grow your traffic.
  • A simple search feature that helps you find your most important SEO settings. No more clicking through multiple tabs to find what you need.
  • Granular SEO controls for every template and page type. Take control of how your site looks in search results and on social media.
  • Controls for how Yoast SEO integrates with other plugins and software, and discover new integration opportunities.
  • Advanced settings for managing crawling and indexing; from meta tags to structured data and beyond.

More from Yoast’s founder. “We felt that the default WordPress admin design no longer suited us. Our product team was itching to take our experience to the next level. WordPress’ interface was holding us back a bit in that sense, as the admin interface outside of Gutenberg hasn’t really progressed for years,” Joost de Valk, the founder of Yoast, said.

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot of the features screen in the new settings interface:

Here is the posts content type screen in the new settings interface:

Why we care. If you are using Yoast, you may notice these changes as Yoast SEO is updated. Although, users should not notice the changes to the Post interface, not yet at least, Yoast said. Those changes will rollout later.

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