Google Ads Editor version 2.3 is out with 12 new features

Google Ads Editor version 2.3 is out with 12 new features

Google Ads Editor version 2.3 is out with 12 new features

Google has just released its Ads Editor version 2.3, advertisers can take advantage of several new features and updates. Let’s see what’s new.

New Features:

  1. File support for image assets: Advertisers can now conveniently import and export image assets as files in addition to using URLs.
  2. Card view for image assets: Image assets can now be viewed as cards in addition to the table view.
  3. Asset support: Full support is now available for upgraded assets such as image assets, automatically created assets, location assets, and business information assets. Legacy data will be deprecated when assets are upgraded.
  4. Primary Display Status buttons: Certain Primary Display Status (PDS) reasons are now clickable buttons, allowing advertisers to quickly fix issues that may prevent campaigns from serving.
  5. More PDS reasons: More PDS reasons are now available, including “Limited by bidding target” and “Limited by budget soon.”
  6. Performance Max text asset automation: Advertisers can now opt-in or opt-out of text asset automation for Performance Max campaigns.
  7. Add Google video partners recommendation: Editor now shows recommendations to add Google video partners, allowing advertisers to use the same targeting options across video partners for their video campaigns.
  8. Bid explorer: Editor now shows several recommended bids for Target CPA and Target ROAS bid strategies, including projected improvements for each option.
  9. Location targeting: Editor now has location targeting for “radius around location groups” and “radius around all locations in linked feed.”
  10. Discovery ads and campaigns with product feeds support: Editor now supports Discovery ads and campaigns with product feeds, allowing advertisers to show their products in Discovery ads.
  11. Proper pluralization in messages: Messages are now updated with the correct form of pluralization, which supports other languages.
  12. Notifications: More notification types are now available in Editor 2.3, allowing users to be more fully informed about the status of their accounts.

Deprecated Features:

  1. Top content bid adjustment: The “top content bid adjustment” setting is no longer supported and has been removed in Editor 2.3.
  2. Create Dynamic Search Ads recommendation: Editor version 2.3 no longer shows recommendations to create Dynamic Search Ads.

Dig deeper. Read the announcement from Google here.

Why we care. The new features can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. For example, the support for Discovery ads and campaigns with product feeds can help you expand your reach and show products to more potential customers. The notifications feature can keep you informed about the status of your accounts and allow you to take immediate action to resolve any issues.

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