Google releases Responsive Search Ads guide

Google releases Responsive Search Ads guide

Google releases Responsive Search Ads guide

Google has rolled out a Responsive Search Ads guide to help marketers improve their campaign performances.

The new document includes advice on how to write ads for maximum conversions, how RSAs use Google AI to generate ad copy and how to evaluate a campaign’s effectiveness.

Why we care. This brand new document is a great resource for marketers that work closely with RSAs. Not only does it provide more clarity on how they work, it also explains how they can be effectively optimised for maximum performance. The information included in this guide shows marketers how they can improve their chance of higher conversions, which, if true, should result in a higher ROI.

However, while it’s important to keep up-to-date with Google’s recommendations, marketers should remember that are no one-size-fits-all solutions in SEO and PPC.

A comprehensive guide. Google’s new document explores seven key areas around RSAs that may be of interest to marketers:

  • How to deliver the best ad
  • Why use responsive search ads
  • How responsive search ads select combinations to generate Search ads.
  • Ad strength
  • Creating high-quality assets
  • Evalusating the performance of responsive search ads
  • Implementing AI with responsive search ads.

If learning more about any of the above topics would be beneficial to you, it’s definitely worthwhile reading Google’s RSA guide.

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What has Google said? A spokesperson for the company said:

  • "Our goal is to simplify the work it takes to create high-quality ads that achieve your business objectives at scale."
  • "To do this, we’re hard at work applying the newest AI-powered innovations across asset generation, customizing assets for relevance, and both simplifying and improving tools for managing ads."

Deep dive. Read Google's Responsive Search Ads guide for more information.

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