Google SGE snapshot carousel: 4 winning SEOstrategies in B2C B2B

Google SGE snapshot carousel: 4 winning SEOstrategies in B2C B2B

Google SGE snapshot carousel: 4 winning SEOstrategies in B2C B2B

Google introduced its new AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) on May 25. Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz was among the first to test the experience and highlight the clickability of its results.

Our team at Eyeful Media has been actively testing the generative AI search environment. We believe it will provide publishers value and create SEO opportunities for B2B and B2C brands.

The most significant B2B and B2C SEO opportunity is an AI snapshot carousel position earned with subject matter expert content. 

Here’s what you need to know about this feature and four strategies to drive SEO results. 

Capturing organic traffic on snapshot carousels with SME content

Snapshot carousels capture the most organic clicks based on the current construction of the AI-powered SERP in Google’s SGE. 

Subject matter expert (SME) content featuring E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority, and trust) principles provides value today. This SME content is also ranking prominently in the futuristic carousel. 

Here is an example of the generative AI result and snapshots carousel.

Smart goals for fleet managers

SME content strategies that drive results currently – and projects to do the same in the future – should be part of your SEO program. The example above is of the search query SMART goals for fleet managers.

The generative AI result provides a list of goals. The AI snapshot carousel features clickable cards with SME content from fleet industry leaders. One of those subject matter experts is Azuga, who also owns the traditional Position 1 ranking for this query. 

There is yet to be a definitive timeline on how, if, or when generative AI will become part of our everyday search.

But if you are not creating subject matter expert content that helps your audience and earns valuable organic rankings now, Google’s latest beta should provide more incentive to do so.

Here is another example of SME content with a top-ranking and clickable AI snapshot position.

Post purchase behavior

Reverse Logix currently owns the top position for post-purchase behavior. As a trusted industry authority in logistics, the additional context they provide about the query is earning valuable rankings.

This top-ranking SME content is also being served in the carousel to complement the AI-generated result for this query in the beta. Further analysis of the SERP box featured above the fold highlights why this carousel position would be critical for SEO.

With follow-up prompts, a multiple-card carousel, and generative AI results, hoping users will navigate below the fold may be wishful thinking. The carousel could represent the Top 1, Top 2, or Top 3 most valuable places to rank in this single-search environment.

But while AI-powered search may seem scary, the same SME content strategies winning now will also help SEOs win carousel rankings in this unpredictable future.

Here is an example of the query API rate-limiting, where the top-ranking result is also in the carousel.

This API rate-limiting search query example is a top-ranking industry leader Axway currently owns in traditional search. This article also captures a valuable AI snapshot position in the beta.

Experience, expertise, authority, and trust are essential quality signals today.

These factors will also be important in the future. SEO strategies that lean into SME content that features these principles set their brands up for success.

Here’s one more example of top-ranking SME content featured in the carousel. 

Growth capital investment

Sumeru Equity Partners owns top keyword rankings for growth capital investment-related queries. 

This growth capital investment article they published amplifies a podcast hosted by their SME. The article drives traffic and captures a carousel ranking in Google’s generative AI search experience.

The expertise and depth provided by Sumeru on this query build on the definition offered by the AI-generated result.

The content is valuable today and in this beta because it delivers perspective beyond what an AI can create. 

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1. Scale SME content

Use podcasts, webinars, training, and demo videos to develop SME content at scale. Create evergreen webinar or podcast landing pages.

Scale this content by repurposing it into explainer videos, blog articles, or checklists. This will maximize your SME’s time creating the original asset while amplifying the message.

2. Leverage outside SMEs

Content that features subject matter experts from your company is excellent. But tapping into the insights of outside influencers can also fuel SEO wins.

Interview SMEs to build content around their analysis. Create resources like how-to demos, product reviews, or articles that leverage their insights.

3. Complement AI-generated results

Google features SME content that goes beyond the AI-generated result in the snapshot carousel. This content is also ranking now.

Including an SME’s perspectives, like how or why an AI-generated result is important, is critical. Trusted brands can earn valuable rankings by adding depth and perspective to AI-generated results.

4. Elevate SME content strategies

Authentic content has always been the goal of SEO. In an AI-powered environment, there is even more incentive to produce helpful content that stands out among automated responses.

Subject matter expert content that follows E-E-A-T principles is a winning formula. 

Doubling down on SME content now is a way to navigate an uncertain SEO future with a proven strategy for success.

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