Supercharge your marketing ROI for success by Wrike

Supercharge your marketing ROI for success by Wrike

Supercharge your marketing ROI for success by Wrike

There once was a time when marketing was more art than science. Understanding whether or not your creative asset, display ad or even a TV spot was driving customers to your business took a lot of work. And there was little to no data to tell you what was working and what wasn’t working. That has since changed. It’s now as much science as it is art.

When using analytics to deploy targeted campaigns for specific marketing groups, your organization can increase your awareness of your products and services among the right individuals. And by understanding your consumer pain points, purchase preferences and shopping habits, your specific marketing campaigns can speak much more effectively and directly to that intended audience.

It’s almost impossible to work in marketing and not be concerned about marketing performance – the metrics and the outcomes that marketing departments look at to determine how well their marketing activities are doing to achieve their goals within their marketing plans. This is where that mention of science comes into play once again.

Learn more by joining Wrike’s Olivia Gartz, senior sales engineer, and Shannon Riley, industry principal – marketing, in their informative SMX Next session. They will teach you how their tool, Marketing Insights, can empower you to supercharge your marketing ROI, monitor success in real-time and make critical decisions to attribute revenue back to your best-performing campaigns.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how measuring your marketing performance can improve your execution strategy
  • Know which metrics are the most important to drive your campaign budgets
  • Maximize your budget to allocate dollars to your best-performing campaigns

You’ll also learn how to define marketing performance measurement and the critical measurement metrics you should always include as part of your campaign performance data.

Watch the session now and arm yourself with the knowledge to sift through the data to identify which contributed directly to your bottom line.

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