3 new changes to the Google Ads dashboard

3 new changes to the Google Ads dashboard

3 new changes to the Google Ads dashboard

In response to user feedback highlighting that the current ads dashboard can be complicated and challenging for newer users, Google Ads is presently testing new designs to improve organization and simplify the process of finding information. This trial is currently limited to a small number of accounts.

Here are the top changes:

  1. A new navigation menu
  2. Reorganized interface
  3. A refreshed look and feel

Let’s take a look.

1. A new navigation menu. The revamped design provides access to all of Google Ads’ tools and features from one more efficiently organized menu instead of the three currently in use.

Google says this feature should simplify the process of locating where you need to go and enable you to track your location within the interface more effortlessly. Additionally, there is now a “Create” button, making it simpler to establish campaigns and ad groups by clicking on the “plus” button located in one convenient location.

2. Reorganized interface. The tools and features have been reorganized to make them easier to locate by grouping related tasks together, which may take some time to adjust to. In particular, two new categories have been introduced to highlight the key elements crucial to campaign success. It’s worth noting that the adjustments have not affected the tools and features covered, and no features have been removed from the platform.

Below is a breakdown of the two recently added navigational categories:

Goals. Goals have been emphasized in the navigation to underscore their importance. The new menu category merges goals and conversion measurements into one location.

Audiences, keywords, and content. The recently introduced menu category, Audiences, keywords, and content, combines the tools used to determine who you want to reach and the methods you reach them, including Search Keywords, Audiences, Locations, and Content.

Search keywords have been consolidated with the other tools that assist in determining who sees your ads. Additionally, the four menu categories have undergone some changes, with Campaigns, Assets, Tools, and Insights and reports now being combined.

Advertisers who use standard Shopping and Hotel campaigns will find their hotels, activities, and products listed under the Assets category. As always, it’s possible to locate any page directly by searching for it in Google Ads.

3. A refreshed look and feel (Google’s words, not ours). The redesigned interface now includes more white space, which is intended to provide a less distracting environment to complete tasks. Additionally, the font has been altered from Roboto to Google Sans, which is larger, resulting in improved readability. Furthermore, the navigation has been updated with sleek new icons, and a blue highlight has been added to emphasize the current location within the user experience.

Dig deeper. You can read the announcement from Google here.

Why we care. The redesigns should offer a more intuitive and user-friendly interface that is tailored to meet advertisers’ needs. Google says that the new design is better organized, with grouped tools and features that are easier to locate, and it offers a more consistent and predictable navigation experience.

But there are some downsides.

Advertisers who are accustomed to the current interface may find it challenging to adapt to the new layout and features, which could temporarily slow down their workflow and lead to a learning curve. This could result in a decrease in productivity and efficiency in the short term.

Secondly, some advertisers may have created custom workflows or automated scripts based on the previous interface, which could break or require modification in the new interface. This could cause additional costs and delays to update or recreate these workflows.

Lastly, while Google has assured that the functionality and features of Google Ads will remain the same, there may be some unintended bugs or glitches that could impact campaign performance.

Do you have access to the redesigned Google Ads experience? Tell us what you think!

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