Email is key to marketing in an unpredictable economy by Bloomreach

Email is key to marketing in an unpredictable economy by Bloomreach

Email is key to marketing in an unpredictable economy by Bloomreach

In the modern e-commerce world, personalization is everything. It’s what engages customers, inspires them, and keeps them coming back. As the global economy remains uncertain, it’s important to apply those personalization tactics to your tried-and-true customer communication strategy — email marketing.

Simply put, first-party data is the fuel you need to drive successful email personalization initiatives and strategies in e-commerce. Specifically, first-party data is customer information that your company collects directly via its own channels and sources with the customer’s consent. These channels include email, mobile apps, websites, social media, SMS and more. Since you are collecting this data yourself, it makes the data unique, as no other company can collect these specific data points. Advancements in modern marketing technology make it possible to centrally access this information and use it in marketing automation campaigns.

You can comfortably rely on this data for one massive reason — you’ve sourced it yourself. You know you’ve collected it compliantly and can now use it to strategize and scale winning customer journeys with your brand.

Building your email personalization around first-party data guarantees that your personalization efforts are all-encompassing. It ensures that your company is using its collected customer data to transform the customer experience and drive brand loyalty meaningfully.

Perhaps the most important right now, relying on the channel (email) consistently recognized as the highest-ROI medium for any marketing team is the most financially savvy move your company can make. Creating personalized email campaigns with the right all-in-one platform will allow your company to generate fast ROI at scale without adding additional resources and overburdening your team and can also save your practitioners time when creating those emails. An all-in-one platform will be especially essential if your company needs to cut ties with outside agencies and start handling all marketing initiatives in-house, all while cutting back on advertising spend across the board.

Just because recession-like conditions are on the horizon, that doesn’t mean that your company’s marketing and revenue-generating efforts must suffer. Investing more of your budget into email can result in your company getting significantly more in return. Find out more about preparing your marketing for economic uncertainty by reading this insightful guide.

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