Google: Don’t worry about SEO tool scores

Google: Don’t worry about SEO tool scores

Google: Don’t worry about SEO tool scores

No, you don’t have to worry about scores from SEO tools. Google doesn’t even use scores from some of its own tools (e.g., Lighthouse) for ranking.

That’s according to Google Search Advocate John Mueller, in the latest #AskGooglebot video.

Why we care. Even though Google has said numerous times that Google does not use SEO tool scores (e.g., Domain Authority), it has become a zombie myth (i.e., a myth that just won’t die). Tool scores are not mission-critical SEO metrics. You’re optimizing for Google and search engines – not third-party tool metrics.

Not at all. Google Chrome’s Lighthouse tool is just one example of a tool that will show you performance scores. However, like third-party tools, Google Search doesn’t use Lighthouse scores for ranking.

  • “No, Google does not use scores from third-party SEO tools or services. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about a website’s authority or a rating about spamminess, Google doesn’t use these scores at all,” Mueller said

But. Even though Google doesn’t use SEO scores for ranking, Mueller said some of these scores could be useful for finding actual issues.

  • “They could help with the next steps, or perhaps even qualify the work that was done. Knowing how to score comes to be is critical in determining whether it makes sense for you.”

The video. Watch Does Google Search use SEO scores? #AskGooglebot

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