Meta will debut its generative AI this year

Meta will debut its generative AI this year

Meta will debut its generative AI this year

Meta plans to monetize its proprietary generative AI technology by December, joining Google in exploring practical applications. The company has been investing in AI for over a decade and recently created a new generative AI team to focus on commercialization.

Generative AI technology, which can instantly create sentences and graphics, has been commercialized by ChatGPT creator OpenAI. However, Meta’s CTO Andrew Bosworth insists that Meta remains at the cutting edge, with its recently formed generative AI team.

Behind the curve. Meta aims to use AI to improve ad effectiveness and apply the technology across all its products, including Facebook and Instagram. The company also plans to incorporate the technology into the development of the metaverse, making content creation more accessible. Meta’s AI research began in 2013 and is currently second only to Google in the number of published studies.

Ok then. Although generative AI holds great potential for efficiently handling numerous tasks, concerns remain about its impact on human control over civilization. In March, the Future of Life Institute, a U.S.-based nonprofit, initiated a petition calling for a six-month halt to the technology’s development. The petition has received support from Elon Musk and others.

However, Bosworth disagrees with the petition, stating simply, “no.”

He emphasized the importance of investing in responsible development, which Meta continually does. Bosworth believes that stopping progress is challenging, and it’s crucial to understand a technology’s evolution before determining protective measures and ensuring safety. He considers the petition’s request not only unrealistic but also ineffective.

Playing catch up. Meta is not necessarily behind in AI technology, per se. The company has been investing in AI research since 2013 and has made significant progress. Meta’s research output is second only to Google in the number of published AI studies, according to a 2022 analysis by AI research analysis platform Zeta Alpha.

While other companies like Google and OpenAI might have gained more public attention in specific AI areas, Meta is still a prominent player in AI research and development. Meta’s focus on generative AI and its integration with their products and the metaverse demonstrates their commitment to being at the forefront of AI advancements.

Why we care. Meta’s advancements in AI technology could provide improved ad targeting and effectiveness for advertisers. AI-driven tools can help advertisers better understand their target audience, optimize ad placements, and personalize ad content, resulting in more effective campaigns.

Additionally, as Meta focuses on developing the metaverse, advertisers must adapt their strategies to effectively engage users in this new virtual space. Embracing AI technology will be crucial for creating immersive and interactive advertising experiences in the metaverse.

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